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Energy Saving Products that Save Cost and Help the Environment

How much air do you think is being wasted in compressed air systems?

In an average facility, 70% of the generated compressed air is used in air blow applications, 10% for actuation with the remaining 20% lost through leakage. Most compressed air users are unaware that their systems often offer poor energy efficiency and that by specifically focusing on these systems savings of between 5 – 50% are the norm.

As world leaders in pneumatics, our experts have developed some of the most innovative ranges of energy saving products and activities for compressed air systems which will help you save money as well as helping in the fight to protect our environment.

Seeing is believing.Click and view the energy saving demonstration.

KK130 S-coupler
KK130 coupler achieves low
inlet pressure requirement
with least pressure drop.
MGZ non-rotating double power cylinder
MGZ double power cylinder uses smaller
cylinder bore size to generate the equivalent
output force with lower air consumption.
SYJ solenoid valve with energy-saving circuit
SYJ solenoid valve with power saving circuit
reduces 1/3 of the power consumption.

KN nozzle for blowing
KN nozzle achieves equivalent
impact pressure with lower air consumption.
VMG blow gun
VMG blow gun achieves higher
impact pressure with lower air consumption.
ZP2V vacuum saving valve
ZP2V vacuum saving valve restricts
the vacuum pressure drop even when
there is no work piece picked.

ASR Air Saving Valve with ASQ
ASR air saving valve with ASQ
lowers pressure at the non-working
stroke to reduce air consumption
without compromising speed.
ZH-X185 vacuum flow
ZH-X185 vacuum flow amplifies the
blowing and suction flow rate without
increasing the supply air flow.
Energy Saving Ejectors
zk2 (Two-stage) & 
zl (Three-stage)

Air Leakage Detection
SMC Provide on-site air leakagedetection
with report for improvement measure
and cost savings.

Three In A Row For SMC In The Forbes “Most Innovative” List

With a strategic commitment to innovation and a passion for design, SMC Pneumatics as the world’s leading expert in pneumatics celebrates a third consecutive ranking in a list of the world’s
100 most innovative companies, compiled by publishing giant Forbes.

Being an innovative company, SMC businesses are not confined to our main core of pneumatic solutions, but we are growing and extending to cover highly specialized products market as well.

SMC products are developed to satisfy the unique requirements of our global customers. In addition, SMC is dedicated to designing products for new markets.

Click and view SMC innovative products.

IZN10 nozzle type ioniser
IZN10 nozzle type ioniser removes
static electricity by air blow.
LE series with Proface HMI
The integration of SMC electric actuator
with Proface HMI for easier contro l
interface and better user friendliness.
IDK Moisture Control Tube
Prevents condensation in piping for
miniature pneumatics. Diffuse water
vapor in the piping to the outside.

SFE Clean Exhaust Filter
Enables direct exhaust of air in a
clean room. Reduces piping installation
work and space.
LECP1 Programless Type Controller
Easy-to-use controller for setting speed,
position etc of SMC electric activators
without PC or teaching box
LEPY LEPS Miniature Electric Activator
Compact & Light- weight with
positioning & pushing capability .

IO-link Compatible Products
Pressure sensors, Valve manifold,
EP Regulator, Actuator Position Sensor,
Features remote parameter settings,
Condition monitoring and cycle unit.

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